How To Choose The Best VPN Service Tutorial

The first thing you have to do to find the perfect VPN service is to peruse the features of the different VPN services and compare all of them. To put it differently, you need to assess how a VPN service would possibly fulfil your specific needs. The size and scope of the VPN network would determine how reliable it could be or how effective it might be for you.

We provide relevant statistics on how many servers a VPN service provider has and the download and upload speed of a service. Number of servers and the speed are the key determinants of a VPN service’s effectiveness. On the other hand, you will find information on server locations of the different VPN services we review. Server location might be an important factor to take into consideration if you are living in a remote country or your country has imposed block on certain websites. The number of servers available across different geographic locations from where you want to be seen would determine the flexibility of the VPN service you are going to use. The more number of servers in a specific geographic location, the faster the servers usually are.

Which operating systems and devices are you planning to use your VPN service for, and how many devices you will need to access through VPN? Our expert reviewers help readers to take stock of the devices and specific operating systems supported by specific VPN services, and you would also get relevant information on whether the provider has a dedicated VPN client for the systems you might be running.

Bear in mind that each and every VPN protocol has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and not every protocol is compatible with each and every device or system. There are some VPN service providers that have a wide array of protocols, but there are some providers that charge extra or have separate packages for users who want to use the additional protocols. Here on our website, you will find detailed information on which protocols are offered by different service providers.

Do you use XBOX 360 or Apple TV? Do you have high-end multimedia appliances which you want to use for accessing Hulu, Netflix and similar multimedia services? We advise you to bear this in mind while comparing and selecting VPN services. You will always find relevant information on these usability and compatibility aspects as our reviewers take into consideration all those factors while writing the reviews.

VPN Hint is committed to provide you with all the relevant facts and figures when it comes to VPN services. But have you considered reading the user reviews? Glance through the user reviews on VPN Hint besides reading the expert reviews to get different perspectives on how the VPN services actually work and to get more insights on certain features of the VPN services. Also, do not forget to check out the ratings and user-generated reviews. Reading user-generated reviews is actually a good way to know the actual market reputation of the services that you are considering to choose.

VPN service providers these days are always trying to beat the competition, which allows the end users to choose from a variety of exciting offers. We always recommend our users to choose the free trial versions of the VPN software applications. This way, you can easily check whether a particular VPN service can fulfil your needs or not. Our expert reviews would help you to assess which free version gives out the most.

Note that not all VPN services allow you to download free trials but almost all have money back guarantee (from 7 to 30 days), so you can test the service during that period and at the end ask for refund. In that case you will be asked for the payment details so just don’t forget to cancel your subscription beforehand. 

Once you have shortlisted VPN service providers that seem to have all the features which you are looking for, you can even use our comparison charts to know the entry price of each service and more about the advanced and more expensive packages that come with each of the services.

Here on our site, we also inform our readers about the discounts that different service providers offer on their subscription plans. You can even find VPN coupons and avail the different promotional offers from each of the service providers. You will also get information on different payment methods accepted by the service providers. If you are looking for money back guarantee, you won’t be disappointed as VPN Hint also provides information on that.

What’s the best way to stay in the loop about the latest changes and updates in the top VPN services? If you ask us, we would tell you to subscribe to our blog and get all the latest updates faster than you could imagine. We are a VPN-obsessed team of reviewers and VPN experts always keeping ourselves updated about the latest versions, important additions and alterations and the VPN world in general. Whenever a service provider updates their application or makes some changes, we take stock of it and our reviews are updated accordingly. In addition to that, we also update our website’s blog section with news and pithy tips. Therefore, you can easily stay abreast about the VPN services and the biggest changes by signing up for our newsletter service (check at the bottom of the page).

To know more about our expert team and our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Check The Best VPN Services 2018

Services DescriptionOverall ScoreUser's ScorePROSCONS Buy Now
Editor choice
ExpressVPN Review 2018
ExpressVPN Review: A Speedy and Secure VPN Service Suitable for Just About Every User When it comes to protecting your identity online, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are the best bet. Taking a leap beyond the usual concerns of privacy and ...
User Rating: 4.88 (8 votes)
  • Number of Servers
  • Speed
  • High Privacy
  • Support
  • Price
  • No Trials
$6.48 $12.96 Use Coupon
Use Coupon
2 NordVPN Review 2018
NordVPN Review: A Top Notch VPN Service for Users on a Budget VPN or virtual private networks are the by far the best way to protect your privacy online. VPN providers like NordVPN extend a private network like tunnel between the server and your ...
User Rating: 4 (9 votes)
  • Outstanding encryption
  • Huge number of servers
  • Good (but not excellent) download speed
  • Responsive support
  • A bit high price
  • No trials (but there is 30 days money back guarantee)
$3.99 $11.95 Use Coupon
Use Coupon
3 CyberGhost Review 2018
CyberGhost VPN Review: A Peak Performer When It Comes to Hiding User Identity And Activities Online Virtual private networks are very useful nowadays with the rapid increase in cyber attacks and third party phishing posing a great threat to the ...
User Rating: 4 (6 votes)
  • Good price for 3 years plan
  • Easy to use
  • Good support
  • Trial version
  • Overpriced short term plans
$2.39 $11.99 Use Deal
4 PureVPN Review 2018
PureVPN Review: An Affordable and Efficient VPN Service That Offers Watertight Privacy If you are looking for complete freedom on the internet while keeping your privacy intact then look no further than the ironclad security provided by PureVPN. ...
User Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)
  • A big number of servers in 140 countries
  • Exclusive Ozone security
  • Easy to use
  • Good support
  • No trials
  • Download speed in some countries may vary
$3.54 $10.95 Use Deal
5 Private Internet Access Review 2018
Private Internet Access Review: A Fast and Inexpensive VPN Service with Good Malware Blocking Ability The need for VPN (virtual private network) services is increasing by the day and now. When we talk about VPN, choosing the best of the lot can be ...
User Rating: 4 (7 votes)
  • Good price for all subscription plans
  • Malware detection and blocking
  • A huge number of servers almost in 30 countries
  • No Netflix support
  • No live chat support
$2.91 $6.95 Use Deal
6 SaferVPN Review 2018
SaferVPN Review 2018: Fast and User-Friendly VPN with A Big Pool of Servers SaferVPN, a fast-expanding VPN service provider, claims itself to be the “Fastest & Simplest” VPN. The VPN service was launched back in 2013 and has improved its ...
User Rating: 4 (1 votes)
  • Fast
  • User friendly
  • Netflix support
  • Only 3 servers for torrenting
$3.29 $10.99 Use Deal
7 TorGuard VPN Review 2018
TorGuard VPN Review 2018: A Highly Secure VPN with Loads of Customization Options for Advanced Users TorGuard is a bit of a misnomer as the VPN service has nothing to do with TOR browser or network. Originally designed for Torrent users worldwide, ...
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)
  • The best solution for torrents
  • Good customer support
  • Number of servers
  • A wide range of subscription plans
  • Netflix support is not free
$49.99 $239.76 Use Coupon
Use Coupon
8 Trust.Zone VPN Review 2018
Trust.Zone VPN Review 2018: An All-Round VPN Service Which You Can Totally "Rely On" Trust.Zone is a relatively younger VPN, created in 2014 by Trusted Solutions, LLC, which comes with nearly everything that a VPN user typically looks for – a ...
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
  • Price
  • 3-day Trial Available
  • Downloading Speed
  • Netflix Support
  • Torrenting
  • No Live Chat
  • Lack of Configurability
  • Low Number of Simultaneous Connections
$3.33 $6.99 Use Deal
9 HideMyAss Review 2018
HideMyAss VPN Review: A Consistent and Classic VPN Service with Servers Across Six Continents With the cyber world throwing threats and chances of possible security breaches galore, the need for VPNs or virtual private networks is constantly felt. ...
User Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)
  • Number of countries with servers location
  • Good speed results
  • Simultaneous 5 connections
  • Leak free connection
  • Rather expensive
  • Not stable Netflix support
  • Partial support for torrenting
$4.99 $11.99 Use Deal
10 StrongVPN Review 2018
StrongVPN Review: An Old Horse in the VPN Market with Host of New Features VPNs (Virtual Provider Network) have become indispensable for all kinds of internet users these days due to a variety of reasons. Good thing is that there’s no dearth of ...
User Rating: 3.67 (3 votes)
  • Price (1 year subscription plan is cheaper in comparison with top VPNs)
  • Number of max connections with single license
  • No compatibility with TOR
  • Moderate download speed
$5.83 $10.00 Use Deal
Note: Overall Score is an average mixed combination of editor's rating and user's ratings.
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