83% Off ZenMate Ultimate VPN Coupon Code 2024 and June Discount

ZenMate Ultimate VPN is owned currently by Kape Technologies, who are also owners of CyberGhost VPN and Kape is committed to “sharing our technology and extensive infrastructure to improve ZenMate’s service to its users.” The Ultimate app boasts of standard grade encryption in the form of the AES-128 bit. Although ZenMate’s protocols can run both 128-bit and 256-bit encryption keys, the company prefers to use the 128-bit as they claim it is as good as the 256-bit. Not only does the 128-bit AES encryption provide strong security but also is very fast. The increased security that the 256-bit encryption provides, according to the team at ZenMate, is not worth the higher price than the already capable 128-bit. Check the full ZenMate Ultimate review for more information.

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ZenMate Ultimate VPN Review 2024
2 weeks ago

June Deal! 83% Off ZenMate 1 Year Subscription

$1.75 $9.99
83% Off ZenMate 1 Year Subscription Discount
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To know in details about a promo code or coupon please read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the particular promo code or coupon. The terms and conditions state the reward that you may get on the application of said code or coupon and the specific conditions that you need to satisfy to be eligible for the reward being offered by the said code or coupon. Reading the terms and conditions before applying code or coupon is vital so that you clearly know what you are getting out of the offer. The terms should be read before applying the code or coupon because once applied you cannot change it. When you have settled on a plan for ZenMate Ultimate VPN, you will have to choose a payment option. When that is done you will see a separate box for you to enter any promo code or coupon code that you may have. The box may also appear at checkout. Enter the code as it is and apply before clicking for final submission.

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