FastestVPN Review 2022

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FastestVPN Review: Not Literally The Fastest, But Still A Decent Option for Basic Users

With all the cyber attacks taking place worldwide at the moment, the risk to our privacy and identity has increased manifold and that is where VPN apps like FastestVPN comes in. Although relatively new in the market having been launched in 2017, FastestVPN provides efficient protection and loads of features at affordable prices. It has managed to set up servers in more than 41 countries all over the globe in the little period they have been active for and the network is expanding rapidly.

  • Respects user’s privacy and guards it diligently
  • No logging policy. No bandwidth capping
  • P2P optimized servers
  • Affordable prices. 7 day money back guarantee
  • Trial version available for 7 days
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Very easy interface

  • Not compatible with Tor
  • Prone to leaks
  • No kill switch

What’s New in 2020

fastestvpn main screen

  • The company has totally changed the User Interface design of all apps, the new designs are smart, fast in navigation and too much user-friendly.
  • The company has added advanced features of Smart Connect and Split tunneling. Smart Connect will let users connect to the fastest server on a single click, and Split tunneling will let customers choose which apps they want to use VPN on rest apps without VPN.
  • One more big achievement is support for USA Netflix and Disney+ which has a great demand from their customers.
Netflix is working on 2 servers, the US Florida and a separate server with a name USA Netflix, Disney+ with US Miami
  • A new app for Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, and Android box was launched
  • Locations are now increased to 41 and servers 350+

Features in FastestVPN are definitely not the best among all the VPN services existing on the market right now. However, there are quite a few hidden gems here and there. FastestVPN uses military level encryption such as the AES-256 bit keys, the similar as NordVPN uses, which conforms to the highest security standards, to keep your identity protected. It also protects the user on a private as well as public Wi-Fi network. The NAT Firewall feature provides an added layer of security by blocking redundant incoming traffic.

FastestVPN even supports multiple protocols including L2TP, PPTP, IKEv2, TCP and UDP and though they support OpenVPN, it is not listed on the website. The Ad-blocker comes in handy when you are streaming or downloading and do not want to be disturbed by unnecessary ads. It prevents irrelevant ads from popping up on the user’s device from time to time. The Anti-malware feature starts automatically on connecting to one of their servers and protects your device from malware which can severely harm the device and risk compromising the user’s privacy. You can even switch your server multiple times.

Features table


Does VPN keep logs?

Hiding IP


Max Connections

Total Servers

Total Countries

Compatible Devices

Compatible with TOR



Does it work in China?

Average Speed Tests


Customer Support


Cayman Islands




Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux, router, PS4, Xbox and more


Easy to install and use

Live chat 24/7, email support and setup tutorial available

$10/month (1 month license)

$5.825/month (6 months license)

$3.33/month (24 months license


What I liked about this VPN service is the anti-malware abilities. The company claims that they protect your system from any known and unknown threats while you connect using FastetstVPN. As this is relatevely new VPN service only the time will reveal how really efficient is the anti-malware option. 

VPN server locations

FastestVPN is based out of Cayman Islands and currently operates a global network of over 350 servers across 41 countries. In spite of being relatively new to a market controlled by the big players in the VPN service industry, FastestVPN claims to have 350 servers. However, when I opened their desktop app, I could see much less number. There are 13 servers all over Europe, 3 in the US and one each in Canada, India, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia. The Cayman Islands is practically a privacy haven owing to the obsessions of banks there for their customer’s privacy. Customer information is closely guarded by these banks and it’s not a part of the 14 Eyes security agreements.


Does VPN keep logs?

No, FastestVPN does not keep logs. Much like the other VPN apps, this too has a strict no-logging policy. The no-logging policy means the app will not keep any record of your online activity be it the websites you visited or the time period you have been online or the files you download. The policy is listed in detail on their website and I would advise the readers to carefully go through the privacy policy available on the website.


Does VPN hide IP address?

Yes, FastestVPN does hide IP address. The most basic function of a VPN is to hide the user’s IP address so that said user can browse the internet anonymously without having to unnecessarily worry about identity theft. A built-in DNS leak protection feature is there to ensure that your real IP does not leak to the ISP or any third party app in case the connection somehow goes down. AES 256-bit key along with NAT firewall provides your device and online data with extra layers of security to make sure you can enjoy the contents on the internet without compromising on security or your privacy.


Does VPN have a kill switch?

FastestVPN do provide a kill switch (though it happened not so long time ago)  A kill switch is essential in cases of unforeseen circumstances where your device may disconnect from the VPN server and leave your device vulnerable to security threats as well as compromise your privacy. A kill switch avoids such accidental leaks by disconnecting your device from the internet until safe and secure connection is re-established.


Maximum connections

FastestVPN allows the user to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. With a single account, I could connect my desktop, laptop, android phone and iPod to any FastestVPN server all at once. All the devices are offered the same level of protection. It also supports multiple protocols as mentioned earlier, including OpenVPN, which you have to install manually. Here is a tutorial how to install OpenVPN for Android.


Compatible Devices

As per FastestVPN’s website, it is compatible with over 20 different kinds of devices and platforms. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux, like most other premium VPNs. It also supports a wide array of other devices including routers, Kodi, Apple TV, PS3, PS4 and of course the Xbox. It is even available for Chromebook and older versions of Windows like XP.

The desktop client is by far one of the easiest and fastest I have used. It connects to the closest server without wasting any time as soon as you launch it 

Is FastestVPN Compatible With Tor?

Using a VPN to access the TOR browser is by far the safest and most private way to browse the internet. Using TOR over VPN ensures that your device along with your privacy is protected from your ISP, hackers, third party intruders and even Government officials. FastestVPN, however does not seem to be compatible with TOR. I have tried many times to connect to TOR through FastestVPN but without any avail.


Can you Torrent with FastestVPN?

fastestvpn and torrents

If Torrenting is what you primarily want to do with the help of a VPN service, look no further than FastestVPN. All of its servers are P2P optimized, which means that no matter which server you are connected to, you can avail peer-to-peer file sharing for faster and better download. Your IP address is also hidden from other users while seeding and you can even Torrent anonymously. As downloading files form Torrent is deemed an act of piracy by the DMCA acts, using a dedicated VPN like FastestVPN is the best way.

The servers are UNIX based, which are known for fast transfer of data thus ensuring large number of downloads at consistently high speed. No bandwidth capping helps you to retain speed and download as much as you want from Torrent. They also block intentional bandwidth throttling by your ISP to make sure you get unlimited download.


Can You Access Netflix?

Absolutely! Starting from 2020 the company officially stated that it has Netflix and Disney+ support. I have contacted their support and they admitted this fact. I have managed to successfully access Netflix using their 2 servers, US Florida and USA Netflix. US Miama allowed to connect to Disney+ without a hassle.


Does It Work In China?

Bypassing China’s great firewall is a daunting task and one that only a few VPN have managed to do so far, eg. ExpressVPN. Like most western websites and applications, VPN is also banned in China and using one can lead you into trouble with China’s unwavering authorities. There are no FastestVPN server in China but the one at Hong Kong lets you access geo-restricted content even in China (or so they claim). I, however, tried to connect using the Hong Kong server but failed. I tried contacting customer support but to no avail.


Average Speed Tests

fastestvpn speed tests

Is FastestVPN truly the fastest VPN available? Though it is quite fast, it is definitely not the fastest and, in fact, much slower than the fastest VPN services actually available out there. The speed, however, is decent and streaming or downloading is not affected that much. Out of the 50+ VPNs I have tested, FastestVPN ranked in the top 15 which is not bad considering it just launched last year.

To properly understand the speed I tested in many countries and each time I got a new result. I first speed tested my internet connection without a VPN and the download and upload speed were 38.5 Mbps and 40.1 Mbps respectively. On connecting to the UK server the number of pings increased significantly which is normal when using VPN. I did not feel any significant difference while downloading and streaming. Even with VPN active the speed was regular.

The Bucharest server was arguably the fastest with an upload speed of 215.35 Mbps and upload speed of 115.28 Mbps. Again download speed was decent and there was no remarkable change in speed before and after connecting to FastestVPN servers. The upload speed could have been better.


Installation And Ease Of Use

FastestVPN is one of the easiest VPN clients I have used in a long time and it felt nice to have been able to set it up and connect to a server without even dropping a sweat. The feature-heavy client is cleverly set on an easy interface so that even beginners can get the hang of it. I am using the desktop client and it is as simple as it gets.

All you have to do is buy the client or download the trial version and install it on your device, in my case, my Windows 10 desktop. Once you have launched it, choose your desired protocol and connect to the preferred server to get started. You can switch servers as many times as you want and even add any server to your favourite list which will appear on the top left corner of the menu.

I have also tried it on my android phone as well as my MacOS laptop and it was as easy to operate in both cases as it was on the desktop. There is very little margin of error. Log in and it automatically connects you to the closest server to save you the hassle of manually searching for one and the same time offering you the fastest speed possible. You can as I have already mentioned change server to your preferred location.


Customer support

There is a 24/7 live online chat support where you can enter name, email and query and they will get back to you with the solution. There is also email support for any detailed question you might have. The frequently asked questions tab is useful as you can quickly solve any basic problems common to all users. There is a tutorial on their website to help you set up the VPN and also a server list where all available servers are listed along with the protocol, city and DNS.

You can write to them with any suggestions if you want to. The support team is knowledgeable and courteous but I did not get any response from the live chat support upon reaching them with a couple of doubts. My doubts were however answered later via email.



  • 1 Month

    $10 /month
    • Billed $10 every month
    • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • 6 Months

    $5.825 /month
    • Save 42%
    • Billed $34.95 every 6 months
    • 7-day money-back guarante

There are three cool plans for all those interested in procuring the services of FastestVPN. There are no free versions, only a 7-day trial version is available. There is also a 7-day money return guarantee if you are not satisfied with the client.

The one month plan is costly compared to its competitors. It will cost you $10 per month which is quite high. The annual plan is quite affordable at $3.33 per month for 12 months. The cheapest and most sensible option is the 5-year plan where you will be charged $1 per month (only available on the FastestVPN site). Semiannual plan will cost you $34.95, which is 42% off in comparison with the monthly plan.


Google Trends

fastestvpn google trends 2019


Google Trends is a web based application which shows, for a searched term, graphical representation of interest over time in a particular area. To understand the market interest over FastestVPN and how it has change over the past 5 years, I searched with the keyword ‘FastestVPN’ on Google Trends. Since its launch in 2017, FastestVPN did not draw much interest until summer 2019, but do you see this sudden increase? FastestVPN suddenly started to gain popularity. Peak interest was sustained in June-August 2019, after this time, interest fell a little. Over the past few months, interest have been rekindled and peaked again.


Can you hide your identity and location while accessing social media sites?

Yes, you can successfully hide not only your identity but also your location while using social media. Hiding one’s identity and location is of paramount importance nowadays owing to the recent spurt in cyber crime and FastestVPN lets you access social media like Facebook and Twitter anonymously so that you can safely avoid cyber bullying.


Should you buy it?

In my opinion it is a fast and reliable VPN app that is extremely easy to install and connect. Being a considerably new app, it still has a long way to go and I cannot see why it will not add the missing yet necessary features in the near future. If your requirements are simple then FastestVPN is the perfect app for you. Meanwhile if you are looking for a VPN for professional or advanced use or to access geo-restricted contents on Netflix then I suggest you look elsewhere.

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$3.33 $10
7.5 Total Score
Above Average

Download Speed
Usability & Support
  • Good download speed
  • Built-in anti-malware
  • Trial version for 7 days
  • Easy interface
  • No Netflix support
  • Low number of servers
  • Not compatible with TOR
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