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Perfect Privacy Review: An All-Round Swiss VPN With Superior Security Features

If you are looking for a dirt cheap solution for protecting your anonymity online, Perfect Privacy may not be the perfect solution for you. It’s a premium VPN designed for demanding and experienced users and that’s what makes it stand out from the oodles of ordinary solutions out there. Is Perfect Privacy really worth the price you pay for it? Or it has certain drawbacks which you wouldn’t certainly expect in a premium VPN? I have tested each of the features of this Switzerland and Panama-based VPN and here’s a detailed report.

  • Multi-hop self-configurable VPN chains
  • NeuroRouting
  • Absolutely zero-logs
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • Bare-metal servers with complete IPv6 support
  • Customizable port forwarding options
  • TrackStop for filtering malicious programs

  • Doesn’t work with Netflix
  • Expensive

Perfect Privacy VPN: Features At A Glance 


Does VPN keep logs?

Hiding IP


Max Connections

Total Servers

Total Countries

Compatible Devices

Compatible with TOR



Does it work in China?

Average Speed Tests


Customer Support


Switzerland and Panama

Yes (Level 3 Kill Switch)


54 Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers


Full Support For Windows – Viscosity, OpenVPN GUI, as well as native IPSec/IKEv2,
Mac OS – Native IPSec/IKEv2 as well as Tunnelblick
Linux - OpenVPN on Linux Terminal
Android – OpenVPN Connect app as well as IPSec/L2TP
iOS - OpenVPN Connect app as well as IPSec/IKEv2
Custom applications available for Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac OS

Very Good

Easy to Use

Ticket and email-based (remote desktop support also available through TeamViewer)

12.99 Euro/mo for monthly plan

11.98 Euro/mo for three-month plan

10.99 Euro/mo for six-month plan

9.99 Euro/mo for one-year plan

8.95 Euro/mo for two-year plan

(7-day moneyback guarantee available)


Perfect Privacy VPN Overview

Perfect Privacy has carved out its own niche in the global VPN market for a number of reasons. They were the first ever VPN service provider to proffer self-configurable and multi-hop VPN chains with complete support for the OpenVPN protocol. The NeuroRouting feature, which they released on October 2017, is unique as it dynamically routes your traffic through multiple hops within its network, which makes your new location correspond to the location of the website you are visiting. The TrackStop filter, which is its ad blocker, is the most effective of its type and it can literally filter hundreds and thousands of pop-up ads, malware and social media spam at the server level.

Since 2008, the VPN service provider has never stopped adding new features and upgrading its service by embracing the cutting-edge technologies. The no-logs VPN service is one of the most trusted one in the industry and has earned rave reviews from the global tech community as well. Besides covering all the bases, the Switzerland and Panama-based VPN also has a strict, zero-compromise no-logging policy in place. It’s compatible with almost all sorts of devices, and you can even get custom apps for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. There’s absolutely no traffic limit, and you get 1000 Mbps bandwidth no matter what plan you go for.


 Perfect Privacy VPN Logging Policy

Excerpt from the Privacy Policy

“The base of our business model is to principally avoid the storage of data!

When using Perfect-Privacy VPN, no personal user data such as IP addresses are collected. Only the login credentials, payment information and configuration settings are being held.

The base for data processing is Art. 6 par. 1 lit. b GDPR, which stipulates the processing of data to fulfill a contract or for pre-contractual purposes measures is permitted.” 

It’s really hard to beat Perfect Privacy when it comes to user privacy and logs. They don’t keep any logs whatsoever, which essentially means that the authorities won’t be able to get their dirty hands on your usage data. The company only retains a few details about the user accounts, including the email address the user provides, username and password and the account expiry date. That’s it. While the company doesn’t reveal much about what sort of data they are obliged to hand over, you can be assured of watertight privacy due to the fact that they don’t retain much of your data in the first place. Plus, they are located in Switzerland, a country almost obsessed with privacy rights.


Is It Compatible With TOR Browser?

Perfect Privacy SSH Manager setup

Using TOR over VPN essentially means adding an extra layer of security to protect and safeguard your anonymity online. While the company advocates for using TOR setup for routing non-sensitive traffic, it does work with TOR. You need to download the Perfect Privacy SSH Manager to get started. Next, pre-configure the TOR proxy for Port 5083 and connect to get started. You should also tweak the default settings in your browser and if you can do things right (namely, set “” as the SOCKS host and Port “5083” as port under Manual Proxy Configuration in Firefox), you would be good to go. You can now visit the ‘Check IP’ page on the Perfect Privacy official website to see your connection. A complete setup guide can also be found on the website of Perfect Privacy.


Is Torrenting Allowed?

Perfect Privacy is indeed a great choice for torrenting and with its highly secure and leak-proof apps, P2P sharing becomes a breeze. As previously mentioned, they have only bare-metal servers in their network that ensure great security and performance along with complete IPv6 support (you can also get both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses). The servers in Perfect Privacy network support multi-hop VPN connections, along with Port Forwarding, which are highly useful features for torrenting. If you are using Torrent or Emule clients, you can optimally use the bandwidth with full anonymity and get your P2P downloads done faster than any other VPN out there.


Can You Access Netflix with Perfect Privacy?

The ability to bypass Netflix restrictions is a desirable attribute in VPNs, and there are many low-cost VPNs in the market that have managed to find a way around. Sadly, the premium VPNs lags behind many of its cheaper counterparts in this respect as you cannot use Perfect Privacy consistently for accessing Netflix US anymore. All of the servers I tried failed at crossing the barrier. There’s a thin chance that you could access and watch Netflix UK and you need to connect to their London2 server after turning on the Stealth VPN mode and selecting Stunnel/Obfsproxy3. But it’s merely a trick which might fail at any point. I also failed to access Netflix Germany, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, and France. If watching Netlix is the reason you are looking for a VPN, I suggest you to go for Netflix-ready VPNs. There are actually plenty of them.


Does It Work In China?

In case you have been disheartened to know that Perfect Privacy doesn’t work for Netflix here’s something to cheer you up. This is one of the very few VPNs that work in China. On your next visit to China, you should be able to log in to your Facebook account with Perfect Privacy, which comes with a host of extraordinary features, including StealthVPN, NeuroRouting, as well Multi-hops VPN chains to make sure that you can get past the Great Firewall of China. Not only that, Perfect Privacy would let you get tiptoe around any sort of draconian censorship rule, no matter where you are. They, however, have only one server in China. Technically, it’s outside the mainland (Hong Kong), which works fine when it comes to letting China-based users access their favorite sites.


Are People Actually Looking For Perfect Privacy VPN Online?

Perfect Privacy VPN Trends

Google Trends is a nice and useful tool when it comes to digging up some marketing insights. It gives a broad view about the search trends in any particular region. I searched with the keyword ‘perfect privacy’ in G-Trends and it came up with some very interesting data. It seems the popularity of the search term has dwindled in the third quarter of 2018. Nevertheless, the top VPN service provider’s brand name has consistently been a popular search term in the US region for quite a long time.

Perfect Privacy VPN Google trends for 2019


And here are the results for the beginning of 2019 for the same search term “perfect privacy”. We can see a little increase in 2019 after a steady light decrease throughout the whole 2018.


Can You Access Social Media Websites?

Like all good VPNs, Perfect Privacy also does not restrict users from accessing social media sites, including the most popular ones. However, social media users often complain about getting bombarded with fake news or clickbaits and you might be annoyed by these spammers too on a regular basis. Here’s where the TrackStop Filter feature comes handy. The VPN provider filters all sorts of spam from your news feed (with zero false negatives) so you can browse your social media accounts with complete peace of mind. So, it doesn’t only let you access social media websites, but it’s arguably the best VPN to browse social media.


Perfect Privacy VPN: Average Speed Tests (Download And Upload Speed)

When it comes to speed, I would say Perfect Privacy is an ‘excellent’ choice, and there are reasons behind this claim. I conducted extensive testing of various Perfect Privacy servers dotted across the world and all of the servers delivered ‘excellent’ speed, and I mean it. My benchmark was 90-100 Mbps and the Frankfurt server came up with a staggering 87.5 Mbps download speed! I guess the great speed was mainly due to the bare-metal servers and ultra-high bandwidth which they offer. The London server gave me a 70 Mbps download speed, which is not bad either. Even with trans-Atlantic servers, I got superior speed (the download speed on their New York server was 68.5 Mbps). I even got great speeds on their multi-hop servers. Although a user claimed that he hit the magical 600 Mbps download speed, I couldn’t verify it from my end. Overall, the speed of the VPN is super-impressive.


Installation and Ease Of Use

The setup process of Perfect Privacy is pretty simple and straightforward. The company would only ask for your email address, you need to create a username and password and will be directed to the client within seconds. The Windows client, however, is a tad too clumsy. I expected the location list to be in a tidier order. Also, there’s no BIG ‘Connect’ button (each server has a button of its own) and you have to actually spend a few minutes on the dashboard to figure it all out. However, pro users might love the settings dialog that provides great control over the DNS options, port settings, cascading and the firewall. The fastest servers are placed on the top of the list. Overall, it’s good for basic users, but even better for advanced and pro users when it comes to ease of use and installation.


Customer Support?

Let’s cut to the chase. Perfect Privacy offers only four different channels for customer support, namely ticket-based (you have to fill up a form), email-based (optional PGP encryption), a forum and Team-Viewer based remote support. I guess you were looking for a live chat option too, but sadly, that’s missing. Although the email-based support worked perfectly fine with me (I got a prompt and precise reply from their support team), I honestly feel they should add a live chat option too sooner or later. There’s also a user forum, where you can find a lot of threads pertaining to your query or issue, although majority of the discussions are in German. If you want a fast and pro response, you should shoot them an email.


Perfect Privacy VPN Pricing Plans

  • 1 Month

    12.99 Euro /month
    • Billed 12.99 Euro every month
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 12 Months

    9.99 Euro /month
    • Save 23%
    • Billed 119.99 Euro every 12 months
    • 30-day money-back guarantee

There’s no denying the fact that Perfect Privacy is a costly VPN. But before you move over to cheaper VPNs, you should bear in mind that the VPN service provider actually offers great value for money. Here are three exceptional advantages which no other VPN would offer you. First off, no matter what plan you choose, you can connect unlimited number of devices with just one subscription (most VPN service providers have a cap of 3 to 6 simultaneous connections). Secondly, the TrackStop feature will block all sorts of malicious programs and help you stay safe on the internet. Lastly, with the Multi-Hop and NeuroRouting features, you can certainly get unmatched anonymity and security online. The highest amount you may have to shell out is Euro 12.99 per month (for the monthly plan) and the price gets cheaper as you go up the duration ladder. PayPal, major credit cards and Bitcoin are accepted as payment modes. In fact, the company accepts over 60 payment options through Paymentwall.


Should You Buy It?

After testing over 100 VPN services over the past couple of years, Perfect Privacy remains on my list of top-favorite VPNs. I first tried their service back in 2015, and a lot has changed in the meantime. Newly added features like NeuroRouting has taken the user experience to a completely different level, and whether you are using a Mac OS or an Android phone, Perfect Privacy might very well be an automatic choice for you, unless of course, you want a cheaper solution like Trust.Zone VPN or NordVPN, which also works with Netflix. The best part of Perfect Privacy is that the VPN is updated at regular intervals, which ensures a high value for money. It’s a great choice for both starters and seasoned users.

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35% Off Perfect Privacy VPN Discount for 24 Months Subscription Plan
€8.40 €12.99
Perfect Privacy Coupons
8.8 Total Score

Download speed
Usability & Support
  • Excellent speed
  • Great for torrenting
  • Feature reach
  • Price
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