Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy makes it clear how VPN Hint and the associates gather, control, handle and utilize information about you (‘personal data’).

By referring to ‘Site’, it’s actually the platform meant. This includes websites, mobile apps and communication denoted or services provided, social media sites or other websites that we offer to link or in reference to this Privacy Policy.


Updating of this Statement of privacy occurs on a regular basis so as to simplify practices and reflect changes in privacy practices. For example, adding in innovative services, operations and features to the Site constitute certain new aspects. If material modifications are made, notification will be sent to you, via mail (email address as specified in your account) as a means of notice on the Site or via other methods. Talking about ‘Effective Data’, it is possible to adjust to the version of the Privacy Document that has been adopted.

Continued use of the Site by you means that when a notice is sent from our end about changes made to this Statement of privacy, the gathering, controlling, processing and using of your personal data is subject to the updated Statement of privacy. If any change is opposed to, your account settings can be altered or closed as enlisted below:

Collection of Personal Data

To collect Personal Data when you interact with the Site, the following measures are crucial:

  • Genuineness and identification of information (example, name, email address, password)
  • Basic personal details (example, name, date of birth, nationality)
  • Contact details (example, postal address, email address, telephone number)
  • Payment Details (example, payment tokens from third party payment provides like PayPal, credit and debit card details)
  • Information about Contacts with the Site (example, user generated content, instant messages, call recordings )

Personal data can also be collected when you interact with the Site via using your computers, mobiles or other such devices. Under Personal data you have:

  • Analytics Data (like app downloads, web page histories and such) that can also have data collected from cookies and few device identifiers;
  • Profile inputs (like page and deal views, information about the site that has been clicked on to our Site from). Also, this can include our location;
  • Device Details (like IP address, MAC address, advertising identifiers, Bluetooth data).

You can also receive Personal data and few information alongside, both online and offline from third parties when carrying out trading. The co-marketers, resellers, dealers, merchants and other such companies and organizations entering into agreements to offer support to operations, like advertising partners (‘business partners’) constitute this category.

At any stage of the relationship personal data can be received, when you are with us. This is when you:

  • Register, subscribe, authorize the transfer of, or choose to create any account with us;
  • Respond to messages received from us;
  • Enroll or participate in programs that are on behalf of, or alongside the Sellers and Business Partners, with due consent or when felt necessary;
  • Browse through any online page having our ads or content;
  • Buy products or services on or via the site from sellers;
  • Log-in or have a link to the site using social media platforms;
  • Post comments to online community sections of the site

Profile creation out of the personal data that’s provided to us or gathered someway is also our work. The basic content that forms the profile include:

  • Account details
  • Audience information
  • Activity information
  • Marketing segment information


From managing your personal data provided by you to limiting the communication you have with us, everything can be controlled by you. In fact, the more you let us know about yourself and your preferences, the more the relevance and value you extend with our Site and services.

Emails, location information, push notification; subscription notification preferences can also be managed by you if you log in to your account via the Site or when adjusting settings in the mobile application:

  • Push notifications and location information
  • Subscriptions
  • Cooking
  • Social media

Your Rights

Checking, accessing, updating, rectifying and deleting your personal data can be done anytime by you after you log in to your account and contact us. In keeping your personal data fresh, we ensure that your likes and preferences are respected and all such goods and services are offered that would prove most apt to you.

As per the applicable law, you can (i) request for access to any personal data we have about you; (ii) insist that it is in need of altering or must be deleted or blocked; (iii) insist that your personal data be deleted we have of you; (iv) insist that we limit the processing of your personal data; and (v) insist that we offer a third party to you having a copy of few personal data of you (referred to as the right of ‘data portability’). You might also resist to any such use of your personal data as described in this policy, which includes marketing activities.

How we use information

Personal data that you have provided us is controlled and processed by us, and we also collect it from other sources that we generate to:

  • Account creation when you log in or sign in, so as to provide our services as per the Terms of Use;
  • Operate, maintain and enhance the Site after scrutinizing how you or other customers interact with us. This is to meet admissible business deals and ensure it provides an overall great experience for customers;
  • Ratify, facilitate and avoid cases of deceptive purchases, which can include processing orders for several goods and services, payment verification and vouchers. Also, it must be seen that redeeming the latter by customers are valid or not. We need to meet commitments pertaining to the contract as per the Terms of Use.
  • Marketing may be carried out, which involves:

1)  Establishment and analysis of individual and group profiles and customer behavior patterns, to determine interests in few types of offers, services and products.

2) Display of appropriate offers and advertising. The profiles will be used to create advertising for products on the third party sites, as described above.

3) Deliver correct direct marketing messages or other forms of communication via mail, push notifications on mobiles. The use of your location data can only occur with your consent;

4) Analysis of the effectiveness in advertising that involves breakdown of ad campaigns that customers choose to interact with on a frequent basis.

  • Resolving queries and responding to requests, like the context of customer service. This is done to meet the commitments entailed in the Contract in Terms of Use where such questions or requests are involved in the purchase process or is required for complying with lawful obligations or to meet specific interests in offering good services to customers;
  • Sending reminders, updates, alerts in security, technical notices, service bulletins, admin messages and support and also information as requested for, which includes such on behalf of Business Partners, other Sellers and associates;
  • Providing rewards, bonuses, sweepstakes, arranging for contests and surveys and promo activities, events and such to meet to the commitments stated in the contract as per the terms and conditions;
  • Managing business needs, like site administration, fulfillment, fraud avoidance, analytics, enforcement of corporate reporting obligations and Terms of Use or when complying with the law;
  • Complying with legal obligations, seeing through arguments and enforcing agreements.

When and why we disclose Personal Data

Your personal data is shared as follows:

  • With your consent
  • With associates
  • With third-party sellers and business partners, who are unaffiliated, so as to sell, deliver and provide products or services bought to you
  • With third parties offering tools and services to assist us in understanding better about deals
  • With third parties, so as to send survey mails on your behalf, only if you have consented to receive such mails;
  • For reporting or collecting on debts owed to sellers or Business Partners;
  • When felt necessary to make arrangements as per the contract with sellers and Business Partners;
  • To subsequent owner, co-owner, operator of any one of more of the Sites or any part of operation as related to part of one or more of the Sites;
  • In relation to corporate manager, consolidation or restructuring, sale of all such stock/assets or other such changes, inclusive of but not limited to, at the time of any due diligence process;
  • For complying with legal orders and government requests, or when required for rendering support to auditing, compliance, and corporate governance role, when it’s vital to comply with such legal obligations;
  • For dealing with any type of criminal activity or fraud, and to offer protection to rights or the affiliates, Sellers, Business Partners, users or as part of lawful proceedings affecting us or our affiliates;
  • In response to a subpoena, or a similar legal process, which includes law enforcement agencies, regulators, courts; till it’s felt vital to comply with such legal obligations.

We believe in providing support and encouragement to unaffiliated third-party Sellers and Business Partners to adopt and post privacy policies. But, even when we share our personal data with sellers and Business Partners for the above-mentioned purposes only; the subsequent processing and use of personal data received via us and our associates is governed by their own privacy policies and practices and it is not under our control (except for use and processing by Sellers and Business Partners offering services to us).

Security of Personal Data

An information security program has been implemented by us that contain technical, physical and admin controls. This has been designed to protect your personal data, including the industry-standard encryption technology. But no method of transmission that occurs over the Internet or electronic stage is 100% secure. So, total security cannot be guaranteed.

Retention of Personal Data

Your personal data will be retained by us till you keep your account active or when required to provide service. In case you close your account, your personal data will still be retained till the time it is felt necessary to continue operating the business effectively, to maintain a record of your transactions for financial reasons or hoax prevention purposes till they cease to exist, and as b\felt necessary to comply with legal obligations, solve disputes and thereby carry out agreements.

Social Networks

Social Community Areas

You can access the site via or have connections to areas that will allow you to post information publicly, communicate with others like discussion boards and blogs, merchants, review products and thereby submit media content. Prior to that, we insist you read the Terms of Use carefully. All the information that you post can be accessed by anyone having Internet and any information included in the posting may be read, gathered and used by others. So if your email address is posted with a public restaurant review, there are chances of getting free willed messages from other parties. Avoid posting sensitive information publicly about you or even others.

Connecting via social networks

Social media users are given the chance by us to interact with friends and also share on social networks. If email addresses fail to match, we request you to link them and also validate that the accounts are controlled by logging into your social network account. But if you are logged into the site and/or the social network site, when the Site’s social network connection functions are used by you, then you might be prompted to enter your social network website credentials or sign up for the network.

By using the Site’s social network connection functions, you can have the chance to consent to us accessing all aspects of your social network profile information that has been made available to be shared (as per the settings chosen by you) and to use it according to the Terms of Use and Statement of privacy of the social network. If required, this can be withdrawn when you feel like.

Privacy Practices of Third Parties

Privacy Policy also addresses gathering, processing and utilization (inclusive of disclosure) of personal data by the way you interact with the Site. Few other websites can be accessed via links from the Site and they may contain their own statement of privacy and personal data gathering, processing, utilization and disclosure mechanisms. Business Partners can also have their own statement of privacy. So we insist you acquaint yourself with statement of privacy provided by other parties before providing them information or taking benefits of sponsored offers or promotions.

Contact Us

For any query or comment about the privacy practices or this statement, or when making use of any of the rights mentioned above or any other privilege that has any connection with your personal data, you can contact us via contact form.

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