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This Website is of VPN HINT (‘VPN HINT’). This Website’s and even other Sites’ use by you that is operated by VPN HINT and other related group companies (‘VPN HINT Sites’), alongside the associated servers (‘Servers’) and all the functions on or in or found from this Website or other VPN HINT Site or Servers (inclusive of, but not limited to all types of communication, chat forums and bulletin boards) is subject to the following terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’) and any other such term and condition that is contained in, on or available via the VPN HINT Site.

VPN HINT’s financial statements are made for the purpose of and also in accordance with the needs and requirements of US Listing Authority and applicable US law and with US GAAP.

By using this Website, you are subject to the following Terms of Use:


The Content that is contained within the pages here is completely for general use and information. As per requirements, it can be subjected to changes and no obligation lies on our part to provide prior notice.

Copyright in materials contained in, on or found via this Website or such other VPN HINT Site or Server, with omission of content (as defined in paragraph 3), but including every other data, information, sound, music, text, graphics, pictures, video messages and related materials and the choice and arrangement thereof, and all compilations of software, source code and other material (‘Material’) is owned by or has a license to VPN HINT and the group companies. Rights are totally reserved. So, you have no interest, title or right in or to the material, excepting otherwise indicated.

Trademarks, logos (‘Trade marks’) and service marks contained in or on this Website or such other VPN HINT Site or Server has been registered and owned or licensed to VPN HINT or the group companies. As stated earlier, you do not have the right to use, copy, edit, change, make a duplicate, print, publish, display, dispense, store, transmit or commercially exploit or disseminate Trade Marks without obtaining prior consent, and in written version of VPN HINT or related group company. You can print or even download the Material extracts for your own use with the condition that every copy bears a notice that the Material has the ownership or licensing of VPN HINT or group companies. Not a single material can be used for public or commercial use. As pointed out, no such Material may be allowed to be printed or downloaded for personal use. Copying, editing, changing, replicating, publishing, displaying, distributing, sharing, transmitting or commercially exploiting or disseminating of Material in any form whatsoever, before obtaining written consent of Future or related group company is strictly prohibited.

We take no accountability for your choosing of the information found on this Website. The use of Content and Materials by you is completely at your own risk.

Content submitted to the website

Any form of data, text, information, music, sound, software, pictures, graphics, videos, messages or any other material can be posted and even uploaded (both in private and public) to certain designated areas of few VPN HINT Sites. Data, text, information, music, sound, software, pictures, graphics, videos, messages or any other material that has been posted or uploaded on VPN HINT Site or Server or plainly transmitted via the Website or other such VPN HINT Site or Server by any visitor to the website is known as ‘content’. VPN HINT has no control over the Content and is also not accountable in any way whatsoever. In particular, VPN HINT does not take the guarantee for accuracy, quality or integrity of the Content. VPN HINT shall have all rights (but no obligation) in its complete discretion for editing, locking, moving, deleting or removing any content or any part thereof, without giving a prior notice. With no limit to foregoing, VPN HINT will have all the right with no notice to record IP address from which the content has been posted or uploaded to or transmitted via any VPN HINT Site or Server and to lock or take away any content that violates these Terms and Conditions or is likely to be outdated, irrelevant, inappropriate or objectionable someway, whatsoever or in respect to which VPN HINT gets any complaint (regardless of being valid, justified or not).

If any Content is uploaded, posted or otherwise transmitted to any public part of the VPN HINT Site or Server (inclusive of but not limited to, if a message is posted to a bulletin board or chat forum or files uploaded or data input or any other form of communication is established via any VPN HINT Site), then you are completely responsible for the same. You hereby: (a) grant VPN HINT and the group units irreversible, everlasting, royalty-free right to use, copy, change, modify, distribute, license, transmit, print, publish, perform publicly or display any Content in any form in any part of the world; and (b) irreversibly and unconditionally abandon any moral or similar such rights you have in the content that is agreeable with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as revised, supplanted or replaced timely ) (‘Act’) or same legislation anywhere in the world.

Third Party Products, Services and Downloads

A number of features and products of this Website and other VPN HINT Sites or Servers’ third parties (Products and Services’) might be featured here or even have links to sites that are operated by third parties (‘Third Party Websites’). VPN HINT has no control or influence over any Service or Product or Third Party Website. If not stated otherwise, VPN HINT holds no responsibility whatsoever and also endorses no Product or Service or Third Party Website, or contents. VPN HINT takes no accountability for any understanding or agreement that you enter using a third party via a Third Party Website and/or having any link to any Product or Service. With the course of time, VPN HINT might receive a certain commission/fee from any third party service provider or product in case VPN HINT features a Product or Service on VPN HINT Site or if any Third Party Website is linked from the VPN HINT Site and then buy Services or Products from them.

This Website containing links to other sites is chiefly to assist you in the browsing experience. We do not endorse any material or content that is found on this Website or any other VPN HINT Site and have no responsibility for any of the linked Website’s material or content.


You agree and accept in relation to the downloads that can be accessed on or through VPN HINT Site (‘Download’) that (i) there is a license right you have in relation to such a Download, that there is no ownership of any intellectual property rights in such Download and your use of it can be subjected to a relevant end user license agreement; (ii) you are not allowed to change, copy, exploit commercially, re-sell or use any Download in any form that is in contrast to the appropriate laws or regulations. Please read the Terms and Conditions, particular section 7 prior to commencing any Downloads.

Member Conduct

At the time of using this Website or any VPN HINT Site or Server, you have made an agreement not to: (a) Upload, post or impart any Content that is in violation of the rights (including, but not limited to intellectual property rights) of any third party or that stands harmful, illegal, disturbing, abusive, flaming, spiteful, argumentative or derogatory (in relation to religion, race, sex or any other way), obscene, distasteful, libelous, harassing, intruding into other’s privacy or contains anything unlawful; (b) Harvest Content or IP addresses that when uploaded, posted or any Content has been sent that has files and programs infected with software viruses that can invade, finish off or restrict the Website’s functionality or other VPN HINT Site or Server or any other VPN HINT Site or Server or any network linked to this Website or other VPN HINT Site or Server or another’s computer, or containing bulk mail, junk mail and such, alongside chain letter, pyramid-selling schemes; or (c) upload, post or send any Content for any business or commercial use (without limitation) that has promotional or advertising materials; or (d) limit or stop any person in some way from using the Website or any other VPN HINT Site or Server; or (e) upload, post or transmit any Content that has no requirement or stands repetitive including the part of the Content that frequently repeats itself that was uploaded, posted or transmitted earlier by you or other visitor, till it was felt necessary; or (f) upload, post or transfer any Content to any part of this Website or other VPN HINT Site or Server that is not relevant to the subject matter or the Content; or (g) upload, post or transfer any Content to this Website or any VPN HINT Site or Server using an email address offered by any free account service like Hotmail; or (h) register yourself as this Website’s member or the forum offered via this Website or any VPN HINT Site, or when getting any other form of service or newsletter from more than one user name and/or user account number with no prior consent of Website editor or forum moderator; or (i) use the Website or any other VPN HINT Site or Server in a form that has no consistency with the Terms and Conditions and/ or laws and regulations in effect from time to time; or (j) violate terms of any ban or suspension or look for a replacement in access.

You accept your responsibility for maintaining a secure password so as to gain access to member parts of the Website or other VPN HINT Site or Server. VPN HINT also agrees to be indemnified and the group companies in total. This is also in demand from and against any type of damage, loss, expenses and such that they suffer from or is incurred directly or indirectly primarily because of the use of the Website or other VPN HINT Site or Server that is in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Future Privacy Policy

If any information is provided to VPN HINT on or via this Website or other VPN HINT Site or Server, VPN HINT will use it according with the terms of privacy policy. That usually forms the parts of Terms and Conditions and after using this Website or other VPN HINT Site or Server that is granted and agreed by you, after reading and accepting the terms as mentioned in the privacy policy.


Third Party Websites, links to the same, material and content or other facilities of this Website, other VPN HINT Site or Server are provided on an ‘as-is’ or on the basis of ‘as available’ and then you can use it weighing the risks accordingly. The law at the most permits: (a) VPN HINT disclaims all accountability whatsoever, whether in contract, tort (which includes disregard) or in relation to this Website, other VPN HINT Site or Server, Third Party Websites, links to the same, content, material and the like; and (b) all forms of terms and conditions, suggested warranties, any other VPN HINT Site or Server, third party Websites, links to the same, content ( implicitly stated by common law, statute or such), material, alongside (no limits exercised) terms or conditions, warranty relating to completeness, precision, grade, class, marketability, fit for the purpose or any such special purpose, non-violation and title, like between VPN HINT and you, not included. VPN HINT gives no warranty or representation that this Website, any VPN HINT Site or Server, and/or Third Party Websites will be safe, flawless, constant and endless. VPN HINT has no liability in tort (inclusive with no limits or disregard), contract, under statute or in any other way, owing to or related to this Website, other VPN HINT Site or Server, any Third Party Websites, links to the same, content, material, downloads or any such service or product provided on or via this Website or VPN HINT Site or Server or Third Party Website, whether by VPN HINT or on its behalf, for any: (a) loss occurred economically (including, but with no limits, loss of gain, revenues, business, contracts, expected savings); or (b) loss of respectability or goodwill; or (c) indirect or far-reaching loss.

If there’s any liability, direct or indirect on the part of VPN HINT in relation to this Website, other VPN HINT Site or Server, Third Party Websites, links to the same, content, material, downloads or any such service or product provided on or via this Website or other VPN HINT Site or Server or Third Party Website, then the liability (no matter how much it keeps rising) must be restricted to sums paid by you after considering VPN HINT’s granting of membership to this Website or other VPN HINT Site. No term or condition will be deduced as excluding or limiting VPN HINT’s liability or the group companies for death or personal injury caused as a result of a lag or for any other sort of liability that cannot be excluded by the Federal law. VPN HINT controls and operates this Website from the offices based in US. VPN HINT makes no representation that this Website’s material is apt or available for use in other places. For those who choose to access this Website or other VPN HINT Site from other zones can act such as per their own initiatives and also taking the responsibility for complying with the local laws and till the extent they are applicable. Few administrative rules prevent excluding the implied limitations or warranties on a consumer’s statutory rights, so any limitation or exclusion in section 7 might not be applicable to you in parts or whole.


With no restrictions on the foregoing, you expressly agree that VPN HINT, the officers, juniors, employees and/or associates will have no binding whatsoever for the work of your purchased software product and/or download through, or a link from the VPN HINT Sites (‘Download’). You totally agree and thereby acknowledge that Download use lies at the sole risk and the entirety of it as to the quality, precision, effort and performance with you. The maximum that can be allowed by the applicable law, Downloads are offered ‘As Is’ and has no warranty of any type, and VPN HINT and group companies disclaim all the conditions and warranties in relation to the Download, whether expressed, implied or statutory, that includes (with no limitation) the implied conditions and/or warranties of total quality, merchantability, fitness for any specific reason, accuracy, enjoyment and non-violation of third party rights. VPN HINT gives no warranty against any intrusion as regards the Download’s engagement is concerned, that all functions contained within Download shall be undistracted, safe, secure, complete, virus-free or flawless, or that shortcomings in the Download will be rectified. In case Download shows certain defects, you will take the accountability of bearing costs of required repair, refurbishing, servicing and such.

No recommendation or invitation to invest

No information is present on this Website that constitutes or is deemed to have any invitation or recommendation as such to invest or maybe deal in shares, securities and the like in VPN HINT  and information contain herein provides no offer to sell or solicit an offer in regards to purchase of such securities. In case you consider an investment, it is better you do your own, free assessment and take justified professional advice for the same.

Access Restriction

VPN HINT has all the right in its sole discretion not to allow the access to this Website or any other VPN HINT Site or Server, or any part of it, without prior notice and for any reason, inclusive of but not limited to, if there is a failure in complying with any clause 5 (Member Conduct) or any such provision of the Terms and Conditions. Specifically, VPN HINT reserves the total right to stop any discussion issue to prevent it in escalating to further discussion, following the Content submission related to the topic by you.

Online Competitions

If you participate in any competition run on or via this Website or any such VPN HINT Site or Server (‘Competition’), you accept to stay bound by the Online Competition Rules and any other regulations as specified by VPN HINT from time to time (‘Competition Rules’) and also by decisions of VPN HINT that are final and binding in every matter as related to the Competition. VPN HINT has all the right to disqualify any entrant and/ or winner in absolute discretion and that without notice as per the Competition Rules.


The Terms and Conditions (as amended from time to time) contains the total agreement between you and VPN HINT as regards the use of this Website or any such VPN HINT Site or Server and supplant any prior arrangement, undertaking, agreement, proposal, whether written or oral between you and VPN HINT related to such matters.

VPN HINT reserves the exclusive right about updating these Terms and Conditions from time to time. If done, the updated version will be totally effective from the moment it has been uploaded on to this Website. Any other variation to these Terms and Conditions will cease to be effective if not given in writing and signed by any authorized representative on behalf of VPN HINT.

All these Terms and Conditions will be governed by and analyzed in accordance with Federal law and you accept, for the purpose and advantage of VPN HINT to give in to the exclusive jurisdiction of the American Courts. In case any provision(s) of these Terms and Conditions is held in by a court of capable jurisdiction to be unfit for enforcing or baseless, then such provision(s) will not be analyzed further, as much as possible, to see through the intentions of parties and every other provision will be present in full effect and force. If VPN HINT fails to exercise or enforce upon any authority or provision of these Terms and Conditions, then that will not prove an abandonment of such a right or provision till it has been accepted and agreed upon by VPN HINT in writing.

Till the time nothing is clearly stated, no such Terms and Conditions will be creating any rights or other advantages whether it’s agreeable to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or in any other way that is favorable towards any person apart from you, VPN HINT and the group of companies.

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