VyprVPN Review 2024

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VyprVPN Review 2024: Pros&Cons, Features, Speed Tests and Search Trends

June 2024 Update
VyprVPN regularly updates its app to improve performance and fix bugs in order to help you stay securely connected. VyprVPN no longer supports Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 – please update your OS if necessary in order for this version of the software (5.0.1) to run as intended.

VyprVPN is one of the most famous VPN services on the market. The service offers a variety of features, including high speeds and unlimited bandwidth, which makes it a perfect choice for streaming and torrenting.

In this review, we will take a look at some of the latest VyprVPN features, as well as what people have to say about them.


Pros&Cons | Check Positive & Negative Sides

  • Consistently fast servers
  • Chameleon protocol bypasses VPN restrictions
  • Audited no-logs policy
  • Costly monthly plan
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Features table

Summary of VyprVPN Features

LocationMeggen, Switzerland
No-log policyTick icon
Hiding IPTick icon
Kill-switchTick icon
Max connections10
Total servers700
Total countries70
Compatible devicesWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, routers, and smart TVs
TOR supportTick icon
TorrentingTick icon
NetflixTick icon
Does it work in China?Tick icon
Servers’ speed (overall)Very Fast
UsabilityEasy to use interface
Customer support24/7 customer support, live chat, ticket support, FAQs, extensive guides, and troubleshooting

Features overview

A Detailed Features Overview

VyprVPN: Installation and Usage Guide

VyprVPN apps can be easily downloaded and installed by following straightforward steps. First, create an account with VyprVPN and you will receive a welcome email. Follow the instructions in the email or download the VPN app for your device from the VyprVPN website. Run the downloaded program on your device and install it with a few simple clicks.

After the app launches, it automatically selects the fastest server for the user to connect to based on the user’s current location and network settings. The current server location and connection status are displayed at the top of the app main screen. The uncluttered user interface makes it easy to navigate the settings menu as well as access the server locations list.


No-Log Policy

The company’s strict no-logs policy has been audited independently and the results of the audit published publicly. VyprVPN does not track or store any user activity but does store some information that is required to provide smooth services. VyprVPN’s privacy policy clearly states what data it retains and why. Read the privacy policy thoroughly to clear any doubts in your mind. Read the full audit report.



VyprVPN is an excellent choice for high-quality streaming without buffering and I was able to unblock not only Netflix but also BBC iPlayer and a host of other streaming platforms. I accessed Netflix USA on my first try without any troubles from a server in the USA. Netflix UK was also readily accessible and I streamed to my heart’s content without any interruption. Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO were all accessible via VyprVPN.

Geo-restricted content on YouTube was also accessible on VyprVPN’s secure servers and streaming HD videos on the fast servers was a pleasant experience.
June 2024 Deal! 85% Off VyprVPN 2 Years Subscription
85% Off VyprVPN 2 Years Subscription
$1.94 $12.95
VyprVPN Coupons


The download and upload speeds on VyprVPN’s servers are great for torrenting. Furthermore, its no-logs policy and leak protection are also ideal for torrenting. P2P file-sharing is supported by VyprVPN and even has dedicated servers for fast and secure P2P file-transfers. Anonymously torrent and download as much as you want thanks to VyprVPN’s robust security and infinite bandwidth. VyprVPN does not throttle your bandwidth as your ISP does.


VyprVPN Cloud

VyprVPN Cloud is a fast and easy VPN server deployment solution that gives control over your network with the help of dedicated IP and dedicated servers. VyprVPN offers Cloud service for DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VirtualBox. Journalists, traveling employees, and entrepreneurs stand to benefit from VyprVPN for Business and VyprVPN Cloud.


Chameleon Technology

The company’s proprietary Chameleon technology scrambles the metadata by using the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol. The Chameleon is a form of Stealth VPN that allows users to bypass Deep Packet Inspections (DPI) and therefore VPN censorship in restrictive countries like China, Turkey and the UAE. With the Chameleon protocol, you can not only bypass government restrictions but also corporate firewalls and ISP throttling. The feature is available to Premium members using Windows, Mac, Android, or router apps.



VyprVPN employs the industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption and is designed to evade DNS censorship. An AES-256-CBC cipher and HMAC SHA256 hash authentication are used on data channels with a secure handshake provided by TLS-ECDHE-RSA-2048.Control channels use an AES-256-GCM Cipher, with RSA (TLS-ECDHE-RSA-2048) handshake encryption, and SHA384 HMAC authentication. For perfect forward secrecy, a Diffie-Hellman-2048 key exchange is used by the company.


 Kill Switch

A kill switch is provided to protect your private data in case of an unforeseen drop in VPN connection or while switching servers. If your VPN connection drops suddenly then the kill switch, if active, will automatically disconnect your network from the internet to prevent sensitive information from being leaked. Remember to turn the kill switch on from the settings as it is turned off by default.


 Security Protocols

VyprVPN offers multiple security protocols and lets users choose their preferred level of encryption, speed, and protection. Security protocols include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and Chameleon. Both L2TP and IKEv2 for IPSec are supported by VyprVPN on select platforms to offer a balance of speed and security. OpenVPN is the standard protocol used on desktop apps including Windows, macOS and Linux.

June 2024 Deal! 85% Off VyprVPN 2 Years Subscription
85% Off VyprVPN 2 Years Subscription
$1.94 $12.95
VyprVPN Coupons

 Supported Platforms

Platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, smart TVs, routers, and QNAP are compatible with VyprVPN apps. Manual connection setup guides for all platforms, such as Chromebook, Blackberry, Blackphone, Synology NAS, OpenELEC, Android TV, Apple TV, Kodi, and routers including DD-WRT, AsusWRT, OpenWRT and Tomato are provided on VyprVPN’s website.



NAT Firewall offers an added layer of protection and security for your network by blocking unrequested inbound traffic to any device connected to VyprVPN. No additional software is required to setup the NAT Firewall as it runs on VyprVPN’s servers by default but the manual configuration maybe required to protect all devices connected to your home network.

Servers’ speed tests

VyprVPN Servers’ Speed Tests

VyprVPN claims, as all VPN services do, to provide lightning-fast speeds on all of its servers. To judge the credibility of its lofty claim, I put to test some of VyprVPN’s servers with the help of speedtest.net. I tested each server at least thrice in 24 hours with more than 4 hours gap between each test and the following results are an average of all the speed tests.

Before I connected to VyprVPN, my download and upload speeds were 38.13 Mbps and 27.85 Mbps respectively with a ping time of 22 ms. When I clicked “connect”, VyprVPN automatically connected me to the optimal server based on my location and network preferences.

The first server was in Amsterdam and it recorded an impressive download speed of 37.27 Mbps and upload speed of 17.87 Mbps with a ping time of 79 ms. The 2.3% drop in download speed is negligible and playing HD videos on YouTube was as smooth as possible.

I switched server location to the UK and got decent speed on it too. The download speed decreased by 20% to 30.23 Mbps and the upload speed was 15.22 Mbps, still quite high. The ping time increased to 76 ms but it was still within acceptable limits.

On changing servers to the USA, I was surprised to get an average download and upload speed of 34.76 Mbps and 26.81Mbps. Streaming Netflix USA was a dream on this server as was torrenting thanks to the impressively high upload speed. Latency jumped to 146 ms but I will not complain given the high speeds and enjoyable experience on the USA servers.

To check how the distant servers fared in the speed tests, I connected to a server in Hong Kong, Asia. Though the ping time almost doubled from our previous server to 276 ms, the download speed was a decent 27.07 Mbps and it allowed me to watch videos without buffering. There was no problem while browsing the internet either.

By keeping true to its ambitious claims, VyprVPN not only managed to meet my expectations but also surpassed them by a fair margin given its exceptional performance.

Search Trends and Competitors

Goggle Trends is a data analysis website that studies the popularity of the most searched keywords on Google and displays the data in the form of graphs. I used Google Trends to check out the interest in “VyprVPN” and compare it with interest in competing VPN services such as “TorGuard VPN” and “TunnelBear VPN”.

All data provided below relates to the interest in the keywords over the past 12 months in the United States only.

According to the analytic data from “Google Trends” the overall popularity for the search term “VyprVPN” showed a steady decline from January 2018 till January 2021. From January 2021 till January 2024 the search query has stopped its fall but was still far from the initial 4-5 years old indicators.

VyprVPN search trend

The interest in “VyprVPN” was much higher than that in “TorGuard VPN” for the last 12 months worldwide (January 2023 – January 2024) by a fair margin probably due to the all-round capabilities of VyprVPN as opposed to TorGuard which specializes in torrenting and streaming. VyprVPN’s dependable no-logs policy also has a role to play in its high popularity at a time when internet users are more prone to cyber-attacks and cybers talking.

VyprVPN vs TorGuard VPN search comparison

The competition between “VyprVPN” and “TunnelBear VPN” was like the “Clash of the Titans”. Both VPN services have more than 5 years of experience and as you can see from the screenshot below VyprVPN was the absolute winner before summer 2018. After that period till autumn 2021 both VPNs were neck to neck until winter 2022 when VyprVPN completely lost its dominance.

VyprVPN vs TunnelBear VPN search comparison

Customer support

How Good Enough Is Their Customer Service?

VyprVPN offers 24/7 technical support on 365 days of the year and boasts of one of the best customer support systems I have come across. The support page itself is a work of wonder as it is not only efficiently designed but also full of informative help articles written in simple sentences.

The Golden Frog forum is home to a proactive community of VPN users from around the world who regularly participates in important discussions regarding VPNs and privacy. The support page is categorized into starting guides, FAQs, troubleshooting, service status, and account management. There is even a separate section for using VyprVPN in China. In “Getting Started”, you will come across detailed guides on the installation and configuration of the VPN on different platforms.

I found the answers to all of my VPN related queries in the support page itself. Navigating through the extensive support page is quite the task but you can quickly find relevant articles by typing your query in the search box.

For further assistance, there is email support and live chat support. I clicked the “support” button at the bottom of VyprVPN’s web page under the impression that it was a live chat. However, it turned out to be a chatbot that merely suggested related articles every time I asked a question. To talk to a live support agent, I had to enter my name, email id, and message. Since I already got answers to my doubts from VyprVPN’s support articles and I find filling forms cumbersome, I did not pursue the matter any further.

However, users who have used VyprVPN’s live chat support claimed that it was knowledgeable, courteous, and quick to respond.

VyprVPN vs Competitors

Comparison With The Nearest Competitors

The company provides access to more than 200,000 IP addresses via a network of over 700 global servers in 70+ countries. Most VPN providers offer more than 1000 servers nowadays. CyberGhost has over 9700 while ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers. Both these VPN providers offer more servers than VyprVPN and have also widened their reach to at least 90 countries.

However, VyprVPN makes up for in speed and performance what it lacks in numbers. While VyprVPN can easily compete with ExpressVPN for the coveted title of the fastest VPN provider despite its lower number of servers, it certainly edges past CyberGhost when it comes to speed and performance. During the tests, I conducted, no WebRTC, IPv4, IPv6 and DNS leaks were detected.

Ratings & Feedback

Users’ Reviews & Attitude

The reaction of VPN users on social media profiles provides an honest insight into the functionality and popularity of VPN services. VyprVPN’s social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook seemed to be abuzz with activities including announcements from the company and comments from the users.

VyprVPN’s twitter handle regularly posts VPN related articles and announces recent developments to its more than 10K followers. There is not much participation from the users of VyprVPN to write about here. A few users raised the issue of VyprVPN not working in Kashmir, India to which VyprVPN responded promptly and asked the users to provide further details so that the company can address the issue. Kashmir has been in lockdown for several months and internet coverage in the valley is restricted to 2G spectrum which explains the issues with VPN.

The Facebook page of VyprVPN saw more user activity than its Twitter profile and numerous users commended VyprVPN for its quality performance and exceptional customer service. Some even recommended it to other interested users. Like on Twitter, VyprVPN actively keeps its Facebook followers up to date with the latest advancements and news from the world of VPN.

Overall the general attitude seemed to be on the positive side probably due to VyprVPN’s mature handling of and response to constructive criticisms from users.

Reviews from real users are as important as reviews by VPN experts on VPN blogs or technology websites since such honest reviews offer real-world insights into a VPN service. Unlike VPN reviewers, like me, who merely put the VPN through several tests to find out its strengths and weaknesses, daily users are much better placed to offer useful praise as well as criticism.

Thus, I checked out consumer review websites like Trustpilot and SiteJabber for real-time reviews of VyprVPN. There were no reviews of either VyprVPN or its parent company, Golden Frog, on SiteJabber and I had to rely solely on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot had more than a hundred reviews and it was a split verdict from the users with praises and criticisms in almost equal magnitude. Several long-time users claimed to be satisfied with VyprVPN and praised the company’s open-minded approach and dedication to providing internet privacy.

Peeved users raised a lot of ruckus ranging from the obvious privacy concerns and connection issues to the less important issues of pricing and refunds. Most of the users complaining about being denied the 30-day refund did not even go through the company’s refund policy and were completely unaware of the terms and conditions of the refund. The complaints about VyprVPN’s price did not have any merit, in my opinion, as it is futile to complain about the price of a product after purchasing it.

As for the more genuine concerns raised by some users, VyprVPN promptly addressed each issue in a comprehensive manner and with great clarity. Despite the gravity of the privacy concerns raised by users, I admired VyprVPN’s eagerness to accept the negative reviews and improve.

VyprVPN news

What Mass Media Say About VyprVPN?

VPN news keeps us informed of the latest ups and downs that a VPN company is going through and also provides interesting information about the VPN service from time to time. So I checked out some well-known news sites and VPN blogs to gather more information on VyprVPN.

VyprVPN is reportedly the first VPN company to publish the results of an independent audit to verify its no-logs policy and data retention practices. The audit was conducted independently by Leviathan Security and VyprVPN was found to comply with their no-logs policy. However, the audit did reveal a few shortcomings of the VyprVPN apps which were subsequently fixed by the company.

Russia is known to be an authoritarian nation and its federal executive body, Roskomnadzor, recently blacklisted several VPN companies including VyprVPN. The VPN providers were ordered to enlist their network with the watchdog’s list of banned websites failing which, access to the non-complying VPNs would be restricted.

The global VPN market is projected to cross $19 billion by the year 2025 according to a VPN market analysis conducted with the help of competitors in the VPN market such as CyberGhost S.A., Golden Frog GmbH, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Corporation and NordVPN to name just a few.

June 2024 Deal! 85% Off VyprVPN 2 Years Subscription
85% Off VyprVPN 2 Years Subscription
$1.94 $12.95
VyprVPN Coupons
8.3 Total Score

Download speed
Usability & Support
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer
  • Works in China effortlessly
  • Cryptocurrency not accepted
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