Trust.Zone VPN Review 2024

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Trust.Zone VPN Review 2024: In-Depth Features Overview, Pros&Cons, Competitors

Trust.Zone is a relatively younger VPN, created in 2014 by Trusted Solutions, LLC, which comes with nearly everything that a VPN user typically looks for – a user-friendly website, a number of apps for different platforms, and the coveted ability to unblock Netflix. Their official website comes with the catchline “The One To Rely On!” Can you really rely on the VPN? Can Trust.Zone be trusted when it comes to hiding your IP, masking your identity and location while you are using a public Wi-Fi, and accessing Netflix? Here’s taking a closer look at all the outstanding features the Seychelles-based VPN service provider really offers.


Pros&Cons | Check Positive & Negative Sides

  • Zero logging
  • Good download speed
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Compatible with TOR browser
  • Works with Netflix
  • Works in China
  • Good price
  • Limited support for devices
  • Lack of configurability
  • Limited customer support (no live chat support)

Features table

Summary of Trust.Zone VPN Features

No-log policyTick icon
Hiding IPTick icon
Kill-switchTick icon
Max connections5
Total servers189
Total countries96
Compatible devicesIOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac
TOR supportTick icon
TorrentingTick icon
NetflixTick icon
Does it work in China?Tick icon
Servers’ speed (overall)Fast
UsabilityEasy to use
Customer supportTicket-based support (no live chat option available)

Features overview

A Detailed Features Overview

Trust Zone VPN Review

First things first, Trust.Zone VPN indeed hides user identity online, while preventing the respective ISPs from tracking user movements. The VPN service perfectly masks user IPs, tunnels their connection to one of their 189 servers dotted across 96 locations all over the world. With the VPN service, you can easily bypass censorship and geo-restrictions, and access any website you wish. The VPN service doesn’t store user logs, which makes it a top choice for VPN users around the world. As a cherry on the top, they accept Bitcoin payments. With Trust.Zone VPN installed on your device, you can easily watch TV channels online, unblock various websites and applications and download media files anonymously. The VPN service allows you three connections for each account, although you can only connect to one account in case you are on free trial.

However, one major downside of the VPN service which I noticed is that they don’t yet have a 24/7 live chat support service. You got to go the old school way of raising a ticket and waiting for a response from their support team. 

Also, the array of protocols is not vast, but since they have OpenVPN support, it doesn’t matter as most people would automatically choose OpenVPN over any other protocol. Also, Trust.Zone does not come with apps or configuration files for Smart TV, and it’s also incompatible with many of the routers readily available on the market. Only if your router has OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec, you can use the VPN on your router. Also, it’s a good thing that the VPN supports DD-WRT firmware. AES-256 encryption ensures strong speed and you may even get speed up to 100 Mbps on certain servers.

Notwithstanding the shortcomings, the VPN is an excellent choice for users who want unlimited bandwidth and speed. With its L2TP and OpenVPN protection, you can easily secure your account and choose from the 189 servers that the VPN service offers. The VPN service is now available for Windows, IOS, Android, Linux and Mac. There’s a kill switch which acts as the last line of defense. The state-of-the-encryption is perhaps the biggest plus of this VPN service. Overall, it’s a good choice for all kinds of users. The best part of the VPN service is that it comes with a 3-day free trial, which is great in case you want to try out the VPN before putting your money in it.


Trust.Zone Logging Policy

Excerpt from the Trust.Zone Privacy Policy

“We are privacy service and we realize how important it is that our customers fully understand what private information we collect, store and process. Our privacy policy goal is simple: maximizing your privacy.

All our VPN servers around the world ARE NOT storing any log files to keep your privacy safe. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address.”

Trust.Zone has a zero-logging policy in place. Anonymity is the most basic feature which a VPN service is supposed to offer, and Trust.Zone does well on this front. While most VPN services claim that they do not log, many of them actually keep a log of user information. I decided to read their privacy policy thoroughly to get an understanding of their logging policy and I must say that they have shared some really promising information. First off, Trust.Zone does not take any of your personal information. They won’t save your name, phone number or location. They just need your email address which you have to use during sign-up, and the same email address would later be used for communication. That’s it. There are no inconspicuous details which you should be worry about.


Is It Compatible With TOR Browser?

TOR network is a browsing interface which transfers user activities through a secure channel, thereby hiding your browsing history from your ISP. However, TOR has certain shortcomings when it comes to speed, device compatibility and security. Most seasoned VPN users look to pair a TOR browser with a VPN and the Trust.Zone VPN is an excellent choice in this regard. It does not restrict your online traffic and it is perfectly compatible with the TOR browser.


Is Torrenting Allowed?

Torrenting is a globally popular way of peer-to-peer or P2P file sharing which allows users to download bits of files from other Torrent users worldwide. While this makes movies and music download a cushy job, you also expose your system to new threats. Topping off your PC security with a VPN service is recommended as hackers cannot use the torrenting services to access your personal info. While many VPNs outright ban P2P sharing or limit access, Trust.Zone enables you to torrent with zero restrictions.


Can You Access Netflix?

It’s quite difficult to find a VPN that actually works with Netflix. This is because the streaming giant has already gone the extra mile to block VPN users around the world. Trust.Zone, one of the few VPNs that have withstood the wrath, is still allowing its users to access Netflix without a hitch. I tested out five of its servers and two of them enabled me to access Netflix by bypassing geo-restrictions. While their server pool is relatively small compared to some of the top names in the VPN industry, such as CyberGhost VPN, PureVPN or NordVPN it has a number of dedicated servers for Netflix US, Netherlands, France etc. Additionally, the VPN service comes with tightened security features, and you can easily watch Netflix using the VPN. It worked for me, and it should work for you too.

I may recommend you to check our five best VPNs for Netflix which guarantee you a 99.9% flawless streaming. All of them have been tested by out experts and have positive user’s reviews.

Does It Work In China?

Due to the increased censorship of the government of China, many VPN services have been forced to indefinitely suspend their services in China, which is not the case for Trust.Zone. Trust.Zone is already a member of the exclusive club of VPNs that are still not affected in China. They use a special technique to bypass geo-restrictions in China. I checked their FAQ and found that they actually forward the OpenVPN traffic through the default port for HTTPS, or the port 443. HTTPS is the protocol used by browsers worldwide and there’s no way Chinese government can block that port as it will break the access to the worldwide web. It’s till date the best-known way to avoid blocking in China.

Search Trends and Competitors search trends 2023

I wanted to check how good the user response to VPN over the last 5 years (2019-2024) and how well the software product is positioned in the market. To get the broader picture, I read through some user reviews and also used Google Trends to get an idea of the overall interest level. The ebb and flow of the product’s popularity over the past few years has been quite fascinating. I searched with the keyword “Trust.Zone” in Google Trends and noticed taht the interest around the VPN service has mostly dropped. It looks like the VPN service was popular before 2018-2019 but then started to lose its search positions among users. vs Goose VPN vs Buffered VPN search trends comparison 2023

I have chosen two competitive VPNs in the same range as, namely Goose VPN and Buffered VPN. As we can see from the graph all 3 VPN services shows declining trend starting from 2019 till 2024. Goose VPN has lost the most of its search positions.

What about social media?

Can You Hide Your Identity Using Social Media Sites?

It’s quite normal for governments these days to disallow access to popular social media sites for their citizens. However, such censorships often lead to the growth of VPN services across regions where Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are banned. Trust.Zone is indeed a great tool for accessing social media sites in countries where the government crackdown on social media sites is quite common a phenomenon. With its one-click Connect feature, you can easily connect to VPN servers in another country and access and use your favorite social media sites, download and watch videos on YouTube and so on. With Facebook security breach exposing accounts of millions of users, it’s highly likely that your government might also impose a ban on the social media site. Still, if you need to connect with people, download some photos which you do not want to lose and gather some contacts, you can use Trust.Zone, which is undoubtedly one of the best options to access the social media websites.

Speed tests

Average Speed Tests

Loss of speed is always a headache for VPN users the world over, although with a good VPN service, the loss might be negligible. It mainly happens due to the tunnelling process and while most users are aware of this possible loss of speed, Trust.Zone has made no bones about the possible slowdown of internet speed. On their official website, the VPN service providers have explicitly stated that users might notice their internet connection slowing down, but has explained it nicely.

To get a clear idea of the connection speed, I conducted a couple of tests on their EU, US and UK servers. Most of my test results were positive, with the EU servers being an exception. While loss of speed was insignificant in US and UK servers, but the Germany server didn’t perform quite well. DNS leak was one of the biggest issues with the VPN service, but they have stepped up their game, which is a good thing. Last year, they added ‘DNS Leak Protection’ as an additional feature, but I wonder why this feature was missing in the first place. Nevertheless, I tried selecting the ‘DNS Leak Protection’ feature in their settings tab and conducted a DNS leak test using No, it didn’t show my DNS.


Installation And Ease Of Use

TrustZone VPN Installation

Installation of the VPN client was a five-finger exercise. I just visited the Trust.Zone VPN website and clicked the link for download and it started in a bit. I just had to click through the steps and the entire process was completed within five minutes or less. Once the VPN was installed on my system, I just clicked on the big yellow shield to connect to one of their servers. Once the shield turned green, I was all set. I also tried switching servers, and encountered zero issues in the process. If you wish to switch to any of their servers, just click on the server icon placed conveniently at the bottom left corner. Overall, my browsing experience was fast and efficient.

Trust.Zone is definitely not the best-looking VPN software but the application is solid and compact. The home screen has a clean design, and you will only find your server location, your new IP address and a big, noticeable “Connect” button. Many users would find it a little annoying to check into a different screen in case they need to change servers, but this is something what I liked. The design is elegantly simple, to say the least. Locating the settings along the bottom is also quite easy, but the options are limited to only DNS leak protection and a kill switch, aside from an array of ports which you can choose from. There is a sheer lack of re-configurability, which made me a bit disappointed.

Customer support

How Good Enough Is Their Customer Service?

Quality of customer support is essential for any software product, and when it comes to a VPN, customer support becomes one of the key factors for the potential users to take into consideration. After all, a VPN service provider’s job is to provide users with internet anonymity and security, and users would naturally look for reliable customer support round the clock. Trust.Zone does not offer live chat-based support on a 24/7 basis, which is a big downside of the VPN. Should you have a query, you need to fill up a contract form on the website within regular business hours (in GMT), Monday through Friday. I decided to test out how helpful their customer support department is and asked a few questions about their service. I received a reply email on the same day, which came along with a hyperlink to the ticket I had raised. I followed the link and found the response on the next page. The FAQ page contains some really useful questions and answers.


Price For All Subscription Plans

  • 1 Month

    $6.99 /month
    • Billed $6.99 every month
    • 96 locations
    • Unlimited data transfer
    • 3 Simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited server switching
    • 10-day money-back guarantee
  • 3 Months

    $4.95 /month
    • Save 30%
    • Billed $14.85 every 3 months
    • 96 locations
    • Unlimited data transfer
    • 3 Simultaneous connections
    • Unlimited server switching
    • 10-day money-back guarante

What I liked when analyzing Trust.Zone prices is that there is 3 months subscription plan (only few VPN services have the similar plan), the payment in BitCoin will reduce the price to 10% extra and there is the possibility to add extra features in checkout such as “Personal Dedicated Static IP address” (UK, US, Australia and France). Almost forgot there is a free subscription for 3 days but with limited functionality: 151 servers, 1 GB data transfer, 1 simultaneous connection. So I have found that the prices are reasonable and compared to the most top VPN competitors even cheap.


Final Words or Is It Good Enough?

This is actually a pretty reliable VPN service for a good price, and of course with a few drawbacks which I am sure they would work on. Installing the software was a cakewalk and the speed loss is quite acceptable (to put it into some perspective, ibVPN is a much slower VPN with a host of outstanding features, although it’s on the pricy side). They use watertight encryption and they have a strict zero-log policy in place. Also, with the newly added DNS leak protection feature, the service has become totally leak-free. You can actually use it for various purposes, including torrenting, streaming videos on Youtube, and accessing Netflix. Do I recommend it? Yes, of course.

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9 Total Score

Download Speed
Usability & Support
  • Price
  • 3-day Trial Available
  • Downloading Speed
  • Netflix Support
  • Torrenting
  • No Live Chat
  • Lack of Configurability
  • Low Number of Simultaneous Connections
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